The Complete Fighter Released

Posted: May 24, 2009 in Product Release

UKG Publishing are pleased to announce the release of The Complete Fighter, an OGL sourcebook By Nicholas J Thalasinos.

The poor fighter, everyone knows how poorly he or she compares to the other martial classes. They are good as a ‘dip’ class to pick up a few feats, but woe to those who stay beyond 7th level! Maybe they start out strong, but they swiftly fall behind the curve to their more useful brethren (barbarians, rangers, and paladins). Good at low levels to protect the spellcasters; you must multiclass before 10th level when you become useless.

Not True. Fighters are not only first class, but they are The First Class. Before barbarians, rangers, monks, and paladins; there were the fighters. Far from being poor cousins, all martial classes stem from them. The other martial classes as specialized fighters – and such is the beauty of the fighter that he can be used as such. The ultimate generalist, he can be anything you want him to be.

This book contains over 70 new feats for fighter and 14 new fighter prestige classes, all published under the Open gaming License.

Available from RPGNow priced $5.99

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