Hold at all Costs:1 Released

Posted: May 27, 2009 in Product Release, Year of the Zombie

It’s taken 3 years to bring to fruition. It’s grown to 3 times its original size. But it’s here!

UKG Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Hold at all Costs 1: All You Can Eat for the Year of the Zombie setting.

Hold At All Costs One: All You Can Eat is the sequel to Hold at all Costs Zero. Set roughly 24 to 48 hours into the rising, HAAC:1 rejoins the team of Seeker 7 (75th Rangers) as they seek to facilitate the rescue and withdrawal of US personnel to the US Embassy in Calstinopa.

Recommended for levels 6-12, Hold At All Costs One provides the following:

  • Main Adventure Book (100 Pages): 19 separate missions ranging from simple rescue and extraction to guiding in Tomahawk Cruise Missiles using a laser designator, rules for exhaustion and additional military equipment.
  • Hard Options (9 Pages): 7 Additional side missions which provide additional NPC’s which can be drafted into the Player Character pool in the event of a fatality.
  • Personnel Database (49 Pages): Includes the 6 original pre-generated player characters (with stats modified to reflect HAAC:0 if necessary) and 45 NPC’s including SAS, SEALs, Marines, Delta Force and more.
  • Cast of Extra’s (21 Pages): A separate book listing all the NPC’s used in these missions.
  • Cast of the Risen (33 Pages): Including stock zombies, random appearance and possession tables and Risen stats for every PC and NPC in the above books.
  • 4 x Battlemaps (Total of 42 Pages) for the more combat intense missions.
  • Player props and handouts (4 Pages): Including satellite intelligence.

This huge adventure (254 pages) also includes all the above books in Printer Friendly format and the Battlemaps and handouts are provided in colour and greyscale.

Hold at all Costs:1 is available from RPGNow priced at $10.

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