UKG Publishing Release Thousand-Faced Heroes

Posted: July 12, 2009 in Product Release

Well its here.

For some of you, the first time you heard the names of Paris, Hector or Agamemnon was when you watched that Brad Pitt movie, but, two or three generations ago, a (Western) man wouldn’t be able to call himself educated unless he was able to read the myths of Ancient Greece in the language in which they’d been written.  I’m sentimental enough to think that something has been lost.

The epic fantasy genre – both of literature and of role-playing games – puts the characters into starring roles in the myths of their cultures.  Their successes and failures will be things of legend and will shape the future of their world for generations.  Our exploration of the character’s myths should encourage us to think about the things – the stories – that give meaning to our own lives.

Based on the FATE system ( This supplement contains additional rules to tailor the game to the epic fantasy genre.

As well as the rules, this book also contains an exploration of the role and function of myth in historic and present day societies and a history of the epic fantasy genre of fiction (also known as “high fantasy”).  Hopefully, this will help you, the GM, to construct myths for your players to explore.

Available from priced at $2.50

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