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UKG Publishing are pleased to announce the release of Year of the Zombie: Eat the Rich.

Restricted communities exist in many places in the United States of America. In many ways they are a dirty little secret, havens of the rich who choose to get away from “undesirables” of certain types. Some are little more than carefully worded dens of racism, while others are communities for older people who wish to stay away from children and younger people and live out the fantasy of “how things used to be.” While not all restricted communities have agendas, a few do, and Green Hollows is one such restricted community.

Eat the Rich is a Zero Hour and beyond location book for a group of 4-8 characters of any level. Within this document are the people who live in Green Hollows, descriptions of the buildings, the strength of the walls, as well as suggestions on how to get the PC’s involved in the situation. Also included is a nearby town, which has the unfortunate luck to be the site of a passenger train derailment prior to Zero Hour. The town will be quickly overrun, and the PC’s and population of the town will have only one place that might serve as a haven.

As is usual for Year of the Zombie products, this product is rated M for Mature. If you are easily offended this book probably isn’t for you.

Priced at $8.00 this product is available from RPGNow