Fleshmongers 2 Released at RPGNow

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Product Release, Year of the Zombie

Following on from Fleshmongers, UKG Publishing are please to announce the release of Fleshmongers 2 for Year of the Zombie, available from RPGNow priced at $8.00

Year of the Zombie: Fleshmongers 2 brings another batch of the worst of the worst to your Post Apocalyse game.

Whether you are running Year of the Zombie, Nuclear Aftermath or some other Post Apocalypse scenerio, Fleshmongers 2 has a cast of loathsome NPC Slavers for your PCs to butt heads with and despatch.

This 70 page pdf includes:

  • Sample slaver groups and NPC’s, documented at various points in time as the Rising progresses.
  • Printer friendly version

Or to put it in the Words of the Author “It was once noticed by a reviewer that the bad guys in Year of the Zombie are all assholes with bad hygiene and no redeeming qualities. This pattern repeats in this supplement, as I plan on showing Fleshmongers as the worst of the worst, the bottom of Post-Rising society, and some of the most disgusting parasites out there. This book is probably one of the most grueling for me to write, and this one pulls no punches. The NPC’s detailed in this supplement are the positively worst that I’ve designed. These people are absolutely disgusting, the worst of the worst, ones that are so bad that other villains want them dead, hate them, hate them and fear them. This is a book of villains, their tactics, their methods, their equipment, and how they operate. No glory, no misunderstood diamonds in the rough that just need a little bit of guidance, no showing a better society through slavery. I wholly suggest that the PC’s be allowed to kill these assholes wherever they find them without feeling pangs of conscience or shades of gray, and to that end I crafted nothing but scumbags, losers, and assholes. -T Willard



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