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The Hacked Site Blues!

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Game Design, General

One of the great things about having your website hacked, is all the linked items which are destroyed resulting in hours of reconstructing the damn stuff.

I suppose there is always a silver lining though, as this is giving me the chance to review our product listings and standardise our product previews.

Just spent a couple of hours rebuilding the samples for a whole bunch of stock art, uploading them to the, now clean, server and editing each product listing to include the sample links. 14 products out of 165 done, yay go me….


However, I don’t want to let the “admin” work get in the way of other more creative tasks, so I am trying to split the load between new products and fixing old products.


I have re-started work on a Dead Future adventure, completely redesigning the starship design and underlying floorplans, which should lead me onto the next adventure for which the floorplans are all but finished. This first adventure will roughly parallel the diary entries from Dead Future, with the characters investigating, boarding and subsequently having to escape from a drifting Explorer vessel which is one of the first Dead Future rising points. From here I hope to plot the course of the survivors as they head back into the solar system and Earth, in a┬ádilapidated starship in much need of repair. In fact the state of the starship leads to the next adventure, putting into an asteroid mining facility to refuel and refit, of course Mr Hungry got there before them ­čÖé

I also want to look at some parallel adventures taking place on Future Earth during the rising, but I think I may need to come up with a skirmish system for this as the risen verses mechanised troops will not necessarily lend itself to d20 Modern. More on this as the idea’s come.

Finally, I have been putting in some graft on Shadow of the Zombie, a sideline to the main YotZ theme which introduces more Shadow and FX into the game for those who want it. So far it’s been an interesting ride researching mythological zombie varients, zombies from literature, film and games. I have especially enjoyed developing the Bokor class for this, with Voodoo being a perfect example of FX in a zombie setting. The Bokor will provide some interesting possibilities for Havens. Anyway, on with the book, I gotta get the Draugr finished tonight before bed.

Later Peoples