Archive for August 14, 2011

Not much to update this weekend, we have uploaded a new set of stock art from John Picot (Art by Shinkei: Robots 1) which is now available from RPGNow priced $3.50.

And whilst I am talking about John, it’s his Birthday today, so Happy Birthday John 🙂

I have done some more work on Shadow of the Zombie and the Ghoul is now complete. Next stop Jiang Shi.

I have also started work mapping the decks of the SS Pluto (the Starship for the upcoming Dead Future Adventure “Pluto Rising”), with 2 of the 20 decks now mapped, and the 3rd in progress. As usual I am designing the decks ‘clean’ and will add a Dead Future layer with the blood, etc. This means that we can also use the Pluto for a d20 Future supplement at some point without major re-working.

Anyway that’s it for this weekend, more as it comes.

Nite all