UKG Publishing were founded in 2005, as a small vanity press publishing house, specialising in ebooks for RPGs, particularly those of a Fantasy nature. Starting with a couple of adventure compendiums for the d20 system, we have expanded to include floorplans, maps, and other source books, for a variety of genre including Fantasy, Horror, Scifi, Modern and Zombie Apocalypse.

We now have over 130 books out in electronic format and a small number of these are also available in print for from Lulu (our print on demand supplier). We are working with around 20 authors and artists, and we are always happy to hear from other who are interested in what we do.

Many Thanks

John Milner

UKG Publishing

  1. Alex Lund says:

    does anybody know which type of scale is used in the YOTZ maps?
    Nobody responds. Does this company still exist?

    • ukgpublishing says:

      Sorry not used this blog for a while 🙂

      Anyway, the scale on our battle maps is 1 square = 5 feet.

      We do still exist, but had a little hiatus.



  2. Steven null Ward says:


    How do I obtain the discounted price for Powder, Passion & Plunder?

    Sorry for posting this in an open forum but there doesn’t appear to be another way of contacting you.

    • ukgpublishing says:

      Hi Steven

      If you received a release email from RPGNow, that should have had the link for the discounted price.
      I have added a contact page to the site (slight oversight there) so if you email me directly, I’ll get the link sent off to you.



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